Bellafina Chocolates is proud to support Kuda Vana Partnership and their work to help some of the most vulnerable children in Zimbabwe.  Select any delicious Bellafina Chocolates gift from this page and 100% of the profits benefit Kuda Vana Partnership.  Don’t see what you are looking for?  Order anything on our site, mention Kuda Vana when you order, and we’ll credit your purchase to this amazing organization.  Thank you!

Bellafina Chocolates Club Membership

Corporate Gifts to Benefit Kuda Vana

“Never Forget A Date” Membership

Bellafina Chocolates Kuda Vana VDay 15pc

30-piece Young Artist Gift Box

20-piece Young Artist Gift Box

15-piece Young Artist Gift Box

8-piece Young Artist Gift Box

Bellafina Chocolates Kuda Vana VDay 4pc

4-piece Young Artist Gift Box